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Possibilities for Resettlement and Immigration  to the USA, Canada, Australia

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Below you will find information about resettlement and immigration to the USA, Canada and Australia (in the box below in pdf format). These can be downloaded free of charge. These overviews contain initial information about the possibilities of resettlement and immigration. Please consult a refugee counselling service near you with this information.

A list of refugee counselling services can be found here.
Should they have any questions the counsellors there can contact us.

Unfortunately, there are currently no special admission programmes for refugees in Germany or other European countries.

In the case of close family members living in Canada, the USA or Australia with a permanent resident status, the possibility of family reunification may exist.

Please note that applying for resettlement or immigration to another country does not have a suspensive effect on deadlines in Germany, for example, on the ordered departure from Germany to your country of origin. In any event, you should consult a refugee counselling service to obtain full information.


Information for Refugees USA

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Information for Refugees Canada

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Information for Refugees Australia

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